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In early 2003, RH Peterson Corporation, the same manufacture that makes the premium Fire Magic line set out to bring a product to market that was exceptionally well made, but still had a reasonable price tag. Not an easy task for something that was going to be made by hand in the same building as their premium Fire Magic line. Well, after a year of exhaustive research and development, in March 2004, American Outdoor Grill products, or AOG, the acronym they have become famous for was born. With RH Peterson’s 50 plus years experience in manufacturing high quality products right here in the USA, you can be confident you are getting an exceptionally well made product. These high quality outdoor kitchen products are made to not only meet, but exceed the expectations of grilling enthusiasts looking for a high performance, well made product, without an expensive price tag. When shopping for a reasonably priced grill, made by hand in the USA, AOG may be the final destination of your search.

AOG Gas Grills

American Outdoor Grill offers bbq grills in both a built-in and freestanding style, in a variety of sizes and inclusive features. Models of AOG gas grills can be found in 24 inch, 30 inch and 36 inch sizes. For their 24 inch size grill, they also offer a pedestal post mount, designed to be fastened to a solid substrate, as well as an in-ground post mount for an even stronger permanent application. These are usually suited best for commercial applications as both the pedestal mount and in ground mount feature an automatic gas timer shutoff, integrated into the base support column.

AOG grills are made with premium 304 grade 16 gauge stainless steel and feature double lined hoods for an increase in rigidity. The grill burners are made with aeronautical SR-18 grade stainless steel, that resists corrosion, oxidation and resist burner fatigue. AOG grills also offer a battery operated, electronic push button ignition system. Having this is an advantage over other piezo or “turn to click” type ignition systems that can be found on nearly every other grill in the same price range. When you combine that with the other standard premium features, including stainless steel radiant heat shields that create an even heat and reduce flare ups, commercial grade gas valves, a grease management system that includes a full width slide-out drip tray, precise hood mounted analog thermometer and a warming rack, you can easily see why the AOG products stand out from the crowd. If you want to further increase cooking versatility, AOG offers an infrared sear burner for those who love steakhouse quality results and an integrated rotisserie system.

Outdoor Kitchen Accessories

AOG offers a full line of outdoor kitchen products that perfectly compliment AOG grills. They are all made with the same high quality 304 grade stainless steel to resist corrosion. They have side burners, access doors, storage drawers and a refrigerator. These come in 2 design series. One with a black plastic ABS handle and the other with a smooth rolled stainless steel handle. Both styles offer a wide variety of access doors and drawers in many sizes. The American Outdoor Grill line of grills and outdoor kitchen accessories are an excellent choice whether your building your next outdoor kitchen or simply desire a great bbq grill.