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Lynx, a company known for high end outdoor kitchen equipment since 1996, has offered a comprehensive line of outdoor products, allowing you to design and construct the outdoor kitchen of your dreams. The key to any luxurious outdoor kitchen starts with a premium gas grill. If you have a low quality grill, your attempts at gourmet cooking and luxurious outdoor entertaining will not succeed. The Lynx professional built-in grills are designed and manufactured to not only meet your expectations, but far exceed them.

The professional outdoor products and built-in grills by Lynx are constructed of high grade 304 stainless steel and are built by hand, using welding techniques that result in a seamless grill body. This eliminates grease and moisture from building up and makes clean up a quick and easy process.

Lynx also offers a comprehensive line of doors, drawers, refrigerators and even patio heaters to add convenience to any outdoor kitchen or entertaining space. These are also made with the same attention to detail as Lynx’ professional cooking appliances. They are engineered to last and would be a great compliment to any outdoor kitchen.

Lynx realized that not everyone can afford their high end luxury line of appliances, but they still desired a good quality product made by hand. In 2012, the Sedona by Lynx line was created. In addition to the full lineup of grills and built in outdoor kitchen accessories, they also created a line of pre-manufactured bbq islands.

Due to the continual demand for Lynx premium products, in 2013, Lynx moved it’s corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility from it’s long standing home in Commerce, CA to a much larger facility in Downey, CA. To purchase, or find more information on these products, please visit the Lynx Grill Shop today!

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Lynx Professional Grills Manufacturing Facility and corporate headquarters in Downey,CA