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From meager beginnings to a large corporation, the brainchild has truly become the webfather. What else could we say about the proverbial snowball rolling downhill that is Wholesale Patio Store? Any company starting from scratch can understand the time, energy, love, passion and pure determination it takes to create a success from nothing. We truly love what we do and we strive daily to let that love shine in our efforts in assisting ones with their particular outdoor projects.

As a family run company, the old adage of “no job too big or small” is an honest statement we can proudly make . We refuse to allow the bottom line to cut into our core values and choose to run our business with integrity, something that is sorely lacking in the current customer service industry. We always offer the same amount of customer care and concern regardless of the dollar amount being spent. True, we do get the occasional requests from particular human beings for special treatment, but we have to kindly refuse and stick to our morals.

On our parent company website wholesalepatiostore.com, you will find many different items and brands to choose from. To sift through the selection and choose what is best for your project can be a daunting task on your own. Imagine being one of our web guy’s and having to make the website function. That’s why, we have also created brand specific websites, where on which you will find every item currently available and nearly every part for every item that particular manufacturer has ever made!

Whether your creating a large expansive kitchen or just want a small portable grill, please feel free to call us anytime at 888-611-7227  and one of our highly trained outdoor experts will gladly assist you.

Wholesale Patio Store

Retail Store below Corporate Headquarters at 234 Oak Street Brentwood CA 94513